Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Beginning

Wow... After some spring house cleaning, the team is now 116 dedicated members strong.   Please take a moment to review the treasury rules which have been updated to reflect some new changes.

When posting a team treasury:
  1. You have 10 days to reciprocate treasuries.
  2. Tag all your team treasuries with the tag PAYITFORWARD (one word). If you do not, your treasury will not be valid in case of disputes.
  3. You must include at least 4 team shops that you are not paying back.
  4. You must fill all 16 spaces in the treasury. Feel free to include more than one shop you need to pay back. You may also use any other Etsy shops.
  5. Do not include yourself in the treasury.  ;o)
  6. Do not include more than one item per shop.
  7. Send a convo to everybody in your treasury. If you do not, your treasury will not be valid in case of disputes.
  8. If 10 days are up and you haven't been paid back, please send a kind reminder to the shop in question. If not resolved in a few days, please contact the team captain. Include a print screen of the initial convo and your reminder convo. The team leaders will investigate and make a decision.
When featured in a team treasury:
  1. Leave a comment on each treasury that features you.  It's common courtesy and a new rule.
  2. Optional but recommended - click and share the treasury (Facebook and Twitter) for better exposure.
  3. You have 10 days to reciprocate the treasury with a team treasury of your own.
With this new beginning, members are urged to accept the Google Group invitations sent out.  The Google Group will be the primary means of communication while the Etsy group forums will continue to be used to post treasuries, new listings, shop critiques and BNRs.
Happy treasure hunting!

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